Sale prices at the dispensary are 20% off

The officer wanted to know where I was going in a hurry and he asked me if I had been drinking

Last Friday night my friends and I went to the bar for several hours. We watched a few boxing matches and had some wings. We also drank a couple of beers. I was supposed to pick my girlfriend up from work at midnight. I decided to leave the bar around 11:00 p.m. and the dispensary nearby was still open. From 8:00 p.m. until midnight, they always have 20% off all products in the store. It’s like a night time happy hour savings and I like to do my shopping when the store has a 20% off sale. I was pretty drunk when I left the bar, so I took an Uber back to the house. From my apartment, I decided to take my car to the dispensary. It was only 2 miles. I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal to drive my car those 2 miles. I was a lot more drunk than I expected and I ended up swerving all over the road. A police officer flipped on his lights as I was pulling into the parking lot of the marijuana shop. I was hoping that the cop wasn’t after me, but he pulled in right behind me so I was unable to leave the parking spot. The officer wanted to know where I was going in a hurry and he asked me if I had been drinking. I lied and said no and told the guy that I had just finished work and I was tired. He did not make me do a sobriety test and let me go with a warning.

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I sleep much better when I smoke weed

There are several nights throughout the week when I toss and turn and have trouble sleeping.

  • I definitely lay awake in bed for hours and count all of the dots on the ceiling tiles.

I can usually count all the way to a thousand before I fall asleep. I’ve also tried counting sheep and drinking warm milk before I go to bed. I’ve tried countless different sleeping aids like melatonin and zzzquil. Nothing has helped at all. Then, just last Friday night, I was hanging out with a group of guys and we decided to smoke a recreational marijuana joint at the bar. One of my friends had a recreational marijuana joint and I took a couple of puffs. I was very talkative and energetic at the bar. After I got the munchies and ate three burgers and a large fry, I was tired and ready to go to sleep. It’s simply been a long time since I remember feeling that tired. I laid down in my bed and the air conditioner felt great. It was very cool in my room, just the way that I like it. I definitely fell asleep rather quickly and I don’t even remember counting any of the specs on the ceiling. I slept a full 8 hours and woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time. It seems that I sleep much better when I smoke weed. I don’t have the courage to go to the marijuana dispensary on my own and pick out supplies, but I’m going to ask my friend where he got those joints.

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The state finally legalized recreational marijuana

I think that marijuana has a ton of great health and body benefits.

It can help with pain relief and anxiety and even work well as an antiemetic.

There are already more than a dozen states across the country that have legalized mariojuana in some form for recreational purposes. I was hoping we would be one of the first states to pass the law too, but it has been a very slow process. It’s been almost 10 years since the state legalized medical marijuana sales. I thought that recreational marijuana would be legalized soon after, but it has taken nearly a decade. I was happy to see the state finally legalized recreational marijuana this year on the ballot. I rallied hard for everyone to get out there and vote, especially if they were a proponent of legalizing recreational marijuana. I spent the morning driving people to the poles and I was excited to see the boats at the end of the day. Slowly but surely the numbers trickled in and we needed 65% of the vote in order for recreational marijuana to pass. When 90% of the district’s had reported, we already had a whopping 75% of the vote. It’s probably going to take some time before there are recreational marijuana dispensaries in the area, but now that recreational marijuana has been legalized, anyone can go to a medical shop and buy marijuana. Starting the day that the law goes into effect, it will no longer be necessary for any person to have a medical marijuana card in order to buy from a dispensary.

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My acquaintance told me about the sale nearby my city

Wednesday I was eventually laboring at the pizzeria and I got stuck washing dishes.

  • I do not care for washing dishes, but the guy that was supposed to be here for a shift called out sick and there was no one else to take care of the chore.

I do not usually work in the back of the house, so I simply interacted with some people that night that I do not usually talk to. One of those persons was an acquaintance that told me about a sale at a marijuana dispensary nearby. The marijuana dispensary was having a pressing blowout sale and a whole bunch of items were on clearance. There were 40 and 50% savings across the store. I did not know anything about the sale at the marijuana dispensary nearby until the guy in the kitchen told me about it. I also wanted to leave the venue early so I could make a fortune from the sale, but I was supposed to work until 11:00 p.m. I waited until 9:00 when things were slower and I told my boss that I had an emergency. I told the guy that I needed to leave for 30 minutes but I would come back to finish up my shift and clean up all of the dishes. The supervisor did not seem to be too aggravated with me leaving for 30 minutes and I was easily back in less than 25. I managed to get everything that I wanted from the dispensary and there wasn’t a pressing line of people. I was in and out of the venue in record time.


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Before our mountain biking trek, we smoked a pressing bowl

The ride entirely seemed to go by much more quickly when I was high

On the weekends, I do not require working at the bank; even though the branches open on Mondays from 8:00 a.m. until noon, I do not have to work at all on those nights. My usual schedule is every afternoon from day until the time that the bank closes. I usually get an apartment from work around 6:30 in the evening and I am truly tired. By the time I have breakfast and take a shower, I am ready to sit down, relax, and go to sleep. Sometimes I like to smoke a bowl of indica marijuana flower before I go to bed. Indica marijuana flower helps me sleep more soundly and stay asleep for longer. Indica marijuana flower is the only thing that I have found that helps me sleep better than anything else. I smoke a bowl before I go to bed and I do not smoke on the day before I go to work. I do smoke weed on the weekends with my friends. That is the only time I get to see them, because I am so tied up throughout the week. On Mondays we consistently do something physically active like go hiking or mountain biking. Last Monday we also decided to go mountain biking on a trail that is almost 12 miles long. Before we started out, we smoked a pressing bowl of sativa marijuana flower. The ride entirely seemed to go by much more quickly when I was high. I was tied up looking at the pigeons and the wildlife. The twelve mile loop was over before I even started to chop a sweat.


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New software will make it easier to track cannabis sales

This week there are some updates being made on the cannabis dispensary software. The old software was installed when the dispensary opened in 2015. Since then, there have been at least three separate updates. I did not want to make the updates, because I was worried about closing down the shop. When the software updates came out this time, I found out that they could be done overnight. Since my biggest concern was losing time and closing to the public, I agreed to the cannabis dispensary software updates. Last Monday night I closed the shop down at 10:00 p.m. as usual. I contacted the dispensary software company because there was no one there. The people informed me that the service would be done remotely. I didn’t really understand how they were going to update the software if no one was in the building. The woman told me to make sure that all of the computers were left on instead of turned off and the updating company would handle the rest. I didn’t think it was going to be possible, but the next morning I came to the dispensary to open the store and check on the updates and everything was flawlessly working. The software updated and more than eighty different changes were made to the system. The new programming really doesn’t seem that much different than the old stuff, but they offer 24-hour troubleshooting services for any problems or questions on the new software. So far it seems like the update was flawless.

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A lit joint turned out to be the root of the fire

On the weekends, I work with the volunteer fire department.

  • Around this part of the country it is absolutely necessary to have lots of volunteers.

When there is a fire, it is all hands on deck. I was working last weekend when a call came to the fire station. There was evidence of a fire burning on the north side of town and we had several calls. I was on the fire truck that was sent out to the call. The blaze was easy to contain. We had access to water closeby, so we didn’t need to worry about using the emergency tanks on the truck. It took about 30 minutes to completely douse the area with water and get rid of any evidence of burning or smoke. We were lucky that a lot of people called about the fire. Sometimes no one will call and the blaze will be out of control before we find out there is a problem. We were very lucky that more of the park wasn’t burned in the accidental fire. I was talking to the fire chief the next day after the scene of the fire was surveyed. A lit marijuana joint turned out to be the root of the fire. There are signs all over the parks and the areas near the north side of town letting people know how dangerous it can be to have a forest fire or throw cigarettes out of the vehicle. The lit marijuana joint was found in a patch of grass near the main road.



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