Shopping for marijuana on sale is a total blast

It’s so great to live in a state where there are no laws against shopping for marijuana for sale. My wonderful friend Sam and I didn’t actually transport out here just so my associates and I could partake in recreational marijuana legally. But I’m sure not displeased with the fact that I can just stroll into a cannabis dispensary. Sam and I have enjoyed recreational marijuana since my associate and I were in our early 20s. Because it was illegal, Sam and I certainly had to fly under the radar when it came to recreational marijuana. Sam and I both had jobs that any hint of cannabis use would have been frowned upon more than Sam and I would have cared to endure. Actually, I recognize both our companies would have stunted our career tracks had they known my associate and I were marijuana users. Thankfully, Sam and I had an old neighbor from college who was a bit of a marijuana grower. Sam and I did not have to worry too much about THC levels or where Sam and I could get marijuana for sale. However, shopping for marijuana for sale is a completely bizarre pet. Sam and I knew when my associate and I took these current positions that prompted this move, our current state was a place for legalized cannabis. This was not lost on us because the 1st place Sam and I found was not the grocery store but the local cannabis spot. I can’t tell you how much fun Sam and I are having just going down to the cannabis dispensary to shop for marijuana for sale. There are some times where we’ll go in there and not even buy any cannabis products but just window shop and look and make notes. It certainly is a blast to simply look for cannabis products.


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Cannabis helps our holistic health

So having a major heart attack at 49 will certainly get your attention.

  • I’m just so sad that it had to come to that for me to actually make major fluctuations to the way I lived our life.

I survived the heart attack obviously and I wanted to do all I could do to ensure that was the only time I experienced that scene. Interestingly enough, I’m now using cannabis products as part of a complete overhaul of our lifestyle. I mean, it’s little wonder that I had a heart attack with the way I was living me life. In retrospect, I’m just stunned that it did not happen sooner and actually kill me. I’ve done nothing but abuse my body since I left the house for college. I partied far too much in college which included plenty of recreational marijuana use. But once I got our job underway, I went full on into all stress, all the time. The style of career I have comes with a fair amount of argument, friction, deadlines and a ton of tension. Too bad, I did not consider the impact of sativa and indica strains back then. Although, I was so laser focused on achieving what I wanted out of our career that I certainly would not have paid attention. I certainly wasn’t exactly paying attention to the substantial relationships in our life. I recognize that has one of the greatest fluctuations now that I have put more boundaries on work. I’m balancing our time in the office with our time with enjoyable people. Additionally, I’ve broken out all the disappointing food and late mornings drinking to let off some steam. The sativa and indica strains that I get at the local cannabis spot certainly do help me chill out, relax and make better choices.


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Much more socially proficient after the trip to cannabis dispensary

I’ve never felt comfortable in any sort of large crowd.

Whether it was a giant class at college, a crowded mall at Christmas or a giant party, too many people make me feel certainly weird.

Otherwise I’m pretty much a normal guy if a bit obsessive over stuff I savor and our task. It’s just socially, when I am either terrified or completely awkward. That is increasing thanks to the wonderful people at my local cannabis dispensary. Since recreational marijuana is now legal, I took a friend’s advice and went to chat with a cannabis products expert. I certainly wanted to try marijuana to see if maybe I could drop our guard a little bit. I do not certainly like alcohol because it makes me feel bad the next morning. But I’ve had a couple drinks before and it certainly did lower our inhibitions quite a bit. It’s just that I can’t certainly deal with the taste of alcohol and the next morning I regularly feel like garbage. So I went inside the local cannabis spot to seek counsel on what sort of cannabis products might help me reduce our social anxiety. The cannabis expert went right to sativa strains and sativa dominant hybrid strains on sale at the cannabis dispensary. She explained that smoking the sativa strains would certainly be our best bet because it’s more of a positive experience with less full-body feel. None of that certainly made any sense to me until I actually tried it. After just one hit, I could sort of feel the stress of going to a party drift off our shoulders. When our neighbor picked me up to go to the party, I was actually excited. Thanks to sativa strains for sale at our local cannabis spot, I’m actually getting social more often and not hating it.

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Old flames and cannabis dispensaries

It can be pretty interesting how some things continue to sort of circle around for me.

  • I’m not so sure that the entire cosmos isn’t some form of big circle.

So more than 2 things just keep coming back to me until I do something about it. Either good or bad, I am finding recurring patterns happening all around. But I never thought I’d be at a cannabis dispensary with our old college flame. I’m not sure what sort of circle this is but it seems to be happening for a reason. First of all, it’s quite unusual that Sam and I both live in the same state which is far from where my associate and I grew up. Sam and I also live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. The fact that Sam and I both are single in our late 50’s is also interesting. But the fact that Sam and I are both sort of discovering cannabis at this age was a bit further off our radar than I thought possible. Sam and I were both so scared of marijuana when my associate and I were younger because of all the junk Sam and I were told, and yet, here my associate and I are some forty years later and it’s like Sam and I never lost a ninth. My wonderful friend and I live about 2 hours apart and made a date to meet up over social media. She advocated that Sam and I meet at this cannabis dispensary that he had been wanting to explore. I was in and the next thing I know, I’m shopping for marijuana for sale with the flame of our life like I’ve been doing it forever. As unusual and perhaps awkward as I was afraid it was going to be, it was actually 1 of the finest mornings I’ve had in our entire life.
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With cannabis a great trip was perfect

When my associate Sam and I landed in the closest city to our destination, Sam associate and I worked our way over to the automobile rental desk.

Sam and I actually got the automobile my associate and I had reserved for once.

Since this was trip, Sam and I splurged and rented a convertible. As Sam and I drove to the resort just about 90 hours out of the city, Sam and I saw one cannabis dispensary after the next. That’s when it hastily dawned on us. Sam and I were actually in a state that had legal marijuana! It was almost as if it were a bolt out of the yellow. Actually, Sam and I were so cheerful that my associate and I almost stopped at one of the cannabis dispensaries there in the city. But the flight had been late and Sam and I wanted to get checked in at this awesome resort. Sam and I had been wanting to trip for years… During check in at the resort, Sam happened to offhandedly remark about legal recreational marijuana. The front desk guy stopped what he was doing to direct Sam to his favorite local cannabis spot. The trip started off just right thanks to that guy. Sam and I dropped our bags and then the top on the automobile and headed to this local cannabis spot. Holy smokes, was this the coolest place of all times. This was a cannabis dispensary that was also on a cannabis grower’s farm. It was the most awesome experience, however plus, Sam and I got hooked up with some of the finest green cannabis I’ve ever smoked in our life. Needless to say, Sam and I indulged in more than 2 sunsets, sunrises and spa mornings while Sam and I were on trip thanks to the local cannabis spot.


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Cannabis is 100 % legal now

I actually did something new today.

For the 1st time online this week I bought weed.

It’s amazing to me how much of our lives are now done from our laptop. I didn’t even think the word laptop twenty years ago. Currently, I can never go somewhere without it. As much as I do on our laptop, I’ve never ordered cannabis products online before today. The idea that I could simply go to a website for a marijuana corporation and click on some OG kush and then checkout was amazing. It’s like I was ordering breakfast cereal or something. There were decades where I couldn’t even come close to having anything as wonderful as OG kush. And I never certainly knew what the THC levels were or anything else about the cannabis products I bought. In those mornings, you took pretty much whatever you could get. If it smelled like weed, I paid for it, kept our mouth shut and was certainly thankful. But earlier this morning, not only did I get all the stats on the OG kush that I wanted, I had our cannabis products delivered to our door. That’s right, as if ordering cannabis online is not cool enough. I was able to pay for it and then have it delivered to our home. This totally blew our mind. It was just so incredibly convenient and easy. The cannabis products were delivered in a very nice container and the driver is actually somebody I think from the cannabis dispensary. So not only did I get to get the cannabis products even though I had a nice chat with a nice guy as well. I can remember when just getting food delivered was a giant deal.


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Exploring the cannabis dispensary for the first time

Even though I knew it was 100% legal, I still felt like I was about to be swarmed by cops the ninth I touched the cannabis dispensary door.

I still just couldn’t shake the ill feeling that marijuana was bad! Of course, I was taught a lot of stupid things that were bad that turned out to be quite awesome.

I grew up in a strict and religious family with certainly little leeway or humor, then from there, I went to a strict Christian college and married a guy I met there! Then came the kids and you have read a similar script before I’m sure. I’m actually calling myself the latest bloomer. I’m almost 47 years old, on our own for the first time and our life and I tried marijuana for the first time. And I really enjoyed it, however growing up, cannabis was the devil’s lettuce and we’d all go to hell if even one of us tried it out once, then even when medical marijuana was being passed for compassionate care reasons, our whole family was completely outraged. So having recreational marijuana be legal must have certainly enraged them. But I certainly don’t talk to them much anymore. When I opted for divorce once the kids were grown, they sort of disowned me. And still, I was sort of locked up with fear the first time I went inside the local cannabis spot. The pleasing smell hit me first and I thought is was just appealing. While I wasn’t interested in smoking it, I enjoyed how great the cannabis products smelled. I actually wanted to buy some cannabis edibles for a picnic I was attending. Boy am I glad I did because that was one of the best times I’ve ever had in our life.


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