I could have gotten in a lot of trouble

Friday night I was closing up at the marijuana dispensary and I noticed a homeless person sleeping in the parking lot.

The homeless person was laying down next to the dumpster.

It was a very cold and frigid night and I could tell that the homeless person was trying to block the wind as much as possible. The guy was covered up with newspapers. Normally, it is my duty to make sure that everyone is out of the parking lot. I was going to make the homeless person move, but I honestly felt bad because it was cold outside and the guy clearly didn’t have anywhere to go. I could have gotten into a lot of trouble, but I decided to let the person sleep next to the dumpster on our lot. I closed the gate and locked things up. That put the homeless person on our lot for the rest of the night and I knew that could have been a problem. I felt very anxious and tense all night long, because I didn’t know if the homeless person was going to cause trouble. The next morning, I got to work a few minutes early so I could survey the area before unlocking the gate. I didn’t see the homeless person anywhere at all. I checked by the dumpster and all around the store and the parking lot. There is a 10-ft fence around the perimeter, so I honestly have no idea how that guy got out on his own. It makes me wonder if the guy sleeps in the parking lot every night.

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Some of my friends came over for the draft

My friends and I decided to watch the draft this weekend and we spent the entire weekend having fun, drinking, and smoking cannabis.

I don’t regularly smoke cannabis, but I decided to give in to temptation when one of my friends brought some top shelf flower that was insane looking.

It was easily the prettiest marijuana flower that I have ever seen in my life. I haven’t seen a lot of flower, but this bud looked like it came from a picture in a book.The strain was a sativa. The sativa marijuana strain made me feel very relaxed, but I still had a lot of energy. We watched four rounds of the draft and then I had to find something to eat. I had terrible munchies after smoking the sativa marijuana strain. We ordered a couple of pizzas and wings from a place nearby. While I waited for the food to be delivered, I ate half of a gallon of ice cream that was sitting in the freezer. My friends laughed at me as I was sitting at the table spooning the ice cream into my mouth, but I felt like I was hungrier than I have ever been in my life. I had a lot of fun with my friends this weekend and watching the draft was very informative and interesting. Some of the teams made trades that I didn’t think were a good idea. I guess we will see how things work out when the regular season starts. I definitely have a lot to think about for fantasy football and my choices this season.


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I bought two different cartridges for my vape pen

I went to the marijuana dispensary near me because I needed a battery for vape pen cartridges and I also plan to buy a new cartridge. I had a sativa cartridge called blue dream, but I was hoping to find an indica. I knew that the marijuana dispensary near me carried a lot of different types of vaporizer pen cartridges. I found lots of different indicas on the day that I went to the marijuana dispensary near me. The budtender behind the counter told me about a sale that they were having. If you purchase any two vape pen cartridges, you could buy a new battery for $1. I was pretty excited when I heard about the sale. I was already planning to buy a battery and a vape pen cartridge. I actually ended up getting two vape pen cartridges for only $10 more than I would have paid for the vape pen cartridge and a battery. It was almost like getting buy one and get one for free. I got a sativa marijuana strain called Maui wowie. The Maui Wowie strain was fruity and tasted a bit like pineapple. The indica marijuana strain that I purchased is called granddaddy purp. The Granddaddy Purp cartridge is a dark gold color and it tastes exactly like having a cup of tea. If you get a really good Grand Daddy Purp cartridge or flower, it should taste and smell like a cup of Earl Gray tea. There are hints of bergamot in the plant terpenes and that gives this unique strain a great taste and appeal.

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I wore my last clean shirt to work on friday

I have been working a lot of overtime at the marijuana dispensary.

Last month one employee quit and two days later three more people decided to walk out in the middle of their shift.

I need the job at the marijuana dispensary, so I stayed put and now I am getting extra hours because the marijuana dispensary is short-staffed. This week I was supposed to work everyday from Monday through friday. I was going to take the whole weekend off but my boss asked me to come into the dispensary for a couple of hours Saturday morning. We have a pretty big sale on Saturday morning. From 8:00 a.m. until noon, everything in the store is 25% off. We even have a couple of buy one and get one half off sales that are attractive to our customers. I agreed to work for a couple of hours. I wore my last clean shirt to work on friday, so I didn’t have anything except dirty laundry to wear to work on saturday. I decided to go to the laundry room downstairs in my apartment building so I could wash some uniform shirts and a couple of towels and pants. I was in the laundry room for an hour and I ran into the girl that is in the apartment two doors down from me. She was doing laundry as well and we sat and talked for an hour or more. I also got her number. I never do laundry on a Friday night, but this night I was supposed to be in the laundry room at the same time as Jackie.

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A fun weekend of lots of booze, music, and cannabis

Once every few months my partner and I like to spend a weekend on the beach.

  • No kids, no work, no outside interference at all! Just Jamie and me, on the sands, in the surf, and in another seaside hotel room.

It’s a superb way to keep a marriage fresh and exciting. Whenever my pal and I go to the shore, my pal and I constantly eat superb food and drink way too much local beer. Normally my pal and I don’t get high, because of the kids and our jobs, but on these weekends my pal and I constantly visit a cannabis dispensary and load up on premium strains. The weekend is also a way to relax and care about ourselves, so beer and cannabis are both key elements! My pal and I constantly rent a room overlooking the beach, or the water. My pal and I leave the balcony door open for the whole weekend, to air the room out of cannabis smoke. My pal and I also put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door, to keep the cleaning staff from messing with our marijuana. From there my pal and I start mixing up cocktails in the room, and smoking bowl after bowl of cannabis until my pal and I are nice and toasty. After that my pal and I hit the beach to get some sun. Since the room is constantly so close to my pal and I can pop back upstairs for more booze or cannabis whenever my pal and I start to sober up. Every day is nothing but drinking, smoking marijuana, and bedding down my partner, so you can understand why I look forward to these weekends so much! When I finally retire I plan on smoking cannabis and getting blazed every single day.

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I always like to leave cannabis to the professionals

I have no desire to grow my own cannabis.

I also tried it once, during the COVID lockdown, and I did not like the experience.

It was much more labor-intensive than I expected, and took a hefty investment of cash for the official lighting and growing equipment. The results were extremely poor, and I got raggedy looking weed for all of my efforts. I realized that some things are best left to the professionals. I can make my own breakfast, but if I want superb biscuits and gravy I need to find a superb diner. If I want quality cannabis products, I need to stop wasting time at the cabin and go to the local cannabis dispensary; and then let the marijuana professionals handle it! You may not know this, but there is another deranged amount of calculus that goes into crafting the premium cannabis strains that my pal and I know and love. Some of these cannabis strains are decades old, and botanists keep perpetuating, cloning, and improving them, however purple Haze, Acapulco Gold, Mowie Wowie, and others were developed in the 50s and 60s, and my pal and I still smoke them this week. When I assume about all the calculus and history behind cannabis, I feel like an idiot for trying to grow clean weed plants in buckets of dirt in my garage. I assume it’s superb that it is now legal for me to grow cannabis plants at home, because this is a right every woman should have. But I would also much rather buy my cannabis at the local dispensary (even if it is a little fancy) than try to grow it.

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Should I simply sell the cannabis dispensary?

I earned an enormous cash offer from a rival dealer that wants to buy my business. I have to give it a few afternoons and weigh my various options, and of course I need to discuss it with Ed, my company partner. Five years ago Ed and I started this shop, which has expanded and grown wildly since then. Weed is a major industry in this part of the country, and there is a lot of local competition for market share. One of these competitors came to me with a big offer, a one-time cash payment to buy my cannabis dispensary and all the inventory. I won’t disclose the exact sum of cash, but it’s enough that even when I split it with Ed, the co-owner of the cannabis store, it will be enough to live comfortably for the rest of my life. I did not open this cannabis dispensary looking for a large payoff, I just wanted a way to make a chance to reside. Over the last few years I have poured my heart and soul into this site, and helping patients with medical cannabis has been deeply rewarding. In other words, I don’t see the cannabis store as a job, it’s a calling. On the other hand, this rival cannabis dealer is offering a ludicrous amount of cash. If I really wanted to I could take the cash, transport somewhere on the beach, and open a new cannabis dispensary! I appreciate my store, my employees, and my cannabis clients, so I am absolutely torn about what to do next. Do you have any advice?

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