Author: Mary

The delivery driver would not go to the city park

My wife and I ordered some items from a marijuana delivery service. The delivery service is in the city and far from the area where we live. They have the best prices on flower and concentrate. I honestly can’t get flower and concentrate anywhere else in the city for the same low price. Because they […]

I think the boss should try making deliveries one time

My girlfriend is totally and completely aggravated with her boss. Her boss complains about the amount of deliveries that she gets done when she is at the marijuana delivery service. My girlfriend has been working at the marijuana delivery service for 6 months. The boss never complained about the amount of deliveries that she was […]

I kept trying to hit the delivery button

I got really frustrated when I was trying to order from a marijuana service online. I’ve ordered from the online marijuana service in the past and I’ve never had any trouble. I planned to order an ounce of dried marijuana flower and a couple of edibles. I was also going to buy some concentrates. I […]

Delivery services make it easy to get the marijuana I want

Delivery services make it easy for patients everywhere to get the recreational and medical marijuana supplies that they want and need. Marijuana dispensaries in this state have only been delivering for a short time. I believe the change occurred somewhere around the same time as the covid virus was getting bad. With only a couple […]

The office is across the street and I am tempted

A couple of weeks ago, I got moved to the downtown office. I was previously working on the south side, but the downtown office needed a couple of people that were strong and I was selected. The downtown office is actually closer to my home, so I was incredibly happy about the move. It’s been […]