The cannabis dispensary is paying off this time

It has definitely gotten to the point where I take a long weekend every single weekend! This is a stunning turn of events, because just three years ago I was laboring in a sales office for 60 to 68 hours a week! I was so incredibly busy it was making me sick… Fate threw me a life preserver in the form of Ed, and her idea for a small local cannabis dispensary.

I took a big risk in buying a 50% share of the business, but it has already paid off! I toil in the shop four afternoons a week, and the other three afternoons are spent at home, at the beach, or on the golf course.

Ed only goes into the cannabis shop three afternoons a week, and that is just to go over the paperwork and file the new invoices. It also took a lot of time, cash, and energy, but our little cannabis shop has grown beyond our wildest dreams. I could easily go there a little less if I wanted, but owning this cannabis store brings me nothing but joy and happiness, and I appreciate going to work! Sometimes I stop by the cannabis store even on my day off, just to chat with the clients or check up on the employees. The cannabis dispensary changed my life, and made me easily delighted. I think I could retire whenever I wanted to at this point, but even if I did I would still visit the cannabis dispensary every week just for fun. It’s not even about smoking cannabis, it’s about the people.

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Finally hiring new employees for the cannabis dispensary

Over the Last year I have been handling all of the new hires.

This is a longer and more involved process than I imagined! When I was young and applied for a job, I had no clue there was so much paperwork and purple tape.

I have scouted, interviewed, and hired four people in the last few weeks, as I try to build a solid team for my store. The main cannabis dispensary needs a solid foundation of quality employees I can count on. Ed and I own the cannabis dispensary, but my pal and I are both getting on in years, and it would be nice to have competent staff to watch over the arena while my pal and I take it easy! Ed has been handling the various duties of a cannabis dispensary security guard lately, and I assume my pal and I need someone else for the job. My best pal and I don’t need a bouncer, but state cannabis regulations dictate that my pal and I check the ID of almost everyone who comes in the store, and refuse entry to underage people, or anyone without an ID. Ed is a 60 year outdated man, and it makes the cannabis dispensary look weak to have an outdated woman laboring security. I have been talking to a girl named Lance, who currently works as a bouncer for an evening club, but would appreciate an opportunity to toil in a cannabis dispensary. At the same time, I need to hire one or two more people to be cannabis delivery drivers for the shop. My pal and I don’t have enough right now, and I assume it’s costing us cash. My pal and I need more drivers to give more cannabis.

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The early afternoons of my cannabis dispensary

I became partners with Ed and bought a 50% share of a new cannabis dispensary.

This was also absolutely Ed’s brainchild, because she came up with the company plan, the location, and handled the financing.

I had to buy in, of course, which took all the cash I had in the world, plus a little extra. Now the store is open to the public, Ed and I are the managers and (for now) the only full-time employees. In another six months my pal and I hope to have enough company that my pal and I can hire a full team, and start offering cannabis cabin deliveries. In order to absolutely take off and start expanding, Ed and I have a plan in the arena for hiring new cannabis dispensary employees. My pal and I need to start with a full-time budtender to train as a new manager, but my pal and I also need a security guard for the front door, and a cannabis delivery driver. In time I assume my pal and I will need multiple cannabis delivery drivers, but my pal and I have to start with one… Right now Ed and I are definitely doing everything, which is certainly tiring and also means the cannabis store can’t stay open as long as my pal and I would like. Ed and I both have to be at the cannabis dispensary together all the time. One of us receives shipments of new cannabis products and enters them into inventory, while the other tends the shop and handles clients. Between filling the cannabis orders and handling the paperwork, my pal and I never have a moment to rest. But the profits are busy picking up, so I hope this is just temporary.

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I took another risk on the cannabis dispensary

Quitting my stuffy office job and taking a risk was the best choice I ever made.

I say that while completely penniless, and without my own home.

In order to invest in this company I needed to disinfect my bank accounts, my 401, my retirement fund, and also sell my house! It is still too early to start turning a profit, so I’m certainly anxious about what the future holds. With all that said, it was still the best choice I ever made, because I finally feel alive again! When this cannabis dispensary takes off and starts generating major resite, then I will be even happier. As it stands, my levels of anxiety and stress are so much lower than my new position in the cannabis dispensary might have added years onto my life. They say stress is a killer, but my new job has zero stress. Not even because I smoke cannabis all day, either. Of course I care about smoking marijuana to relax, but I don’t do that at work. I try to remain professional, and remember that several of my clients rely on medical cannabis to help their physical and mental ailments. I smoke cannabis for fun, but these people need it for their health and sanity! This is another reason I appreciate laboring at the cannabis dispensary, because I have a direct impact on people and their lives, which makes me feel superb about myself. At my main outdated job I wasn’t making a difference I was just making cash, but at the cannabis dispensary I am helping people! Although I hope to also make cash one day.


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Getting into working in the cannabis industry

I had been so incredibly unhappy and busy with my job, it was making me physically ill.

Even scarier, I was starting to get bouts of anxiety and depression.

No job is worth that, even if the pay is excellent, but over the weekend I was hanging out with Ed, my outdated acquaintance from school. As per usual, my pal and I were getting high and talking about life. I told him about my complications, and how I needed to find a new job, and Ed came back at me with a certainly interesting proposition. Ed was setting up a company plan to open her own local cannabis dispensary, and she offered to let me be her partner. This was not even a small thing, either, because I would need to invest every penny I had, and then a little bit more, if I wanted to own a piece of this cannabis dispensary. Once the cannabis shop was open, Ed and I would have to do all the toil until my pal and I started turning a profit and could afford to hire a staff. It was a big risk, but I knew the cannabis industry was certainly profitable as of late, so I felt it was an opportunity worth taking! Despite the added financial stress, I came to see that laboring in a cannabis dispensary lowered my levels of stress and anxiety. Even if I didn’t get rich, I could see myself laboring in the cannabis shop and being delighted there. I will simply write another blog soon about the next step in the development of my cannabis dispensary, it’s been an exciting ride!

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On the road looking for superb cannabis

23 years ago, right after I graduated from school, I took an excursion to Europe and spent some time in Amsterdam.

It was simply a life changing period in time for me, however eventually I had to go back home, get a job, and start leading a normal life, and I never forgot my time overseas… And I yearned for a simpler kind of lifestyle.

It took 22 years to achieve my goals, but finally I can take an early retirement, and get back to the life I have constantly wanted to live. I sold my house, cashed in my 401k, and bought an RV camper and a couple years worth of cannabis products. My central goal is to hit the open road, traveling this superb country and going to see every state that has legal cannabis. I have my own marijuana supply on-hand so I can be stoned for the entire journey, and never have to worry about keeping a timetable of any kind. I also don’t want you to assume that my entire life revolves around cannabis, because it doesn’t. As I travel the land I am looking for more than quality marijuana, I also look for local indigenous artwork. I listen to local bands play music, and visit local diners to sample the cuisine. I lead a life of excess and hedonism in every possible way, but constantly with a gentle background of cannabis smoke! Cannabis makes me delighted, it keeps me relaxed, and helps me get the most out of life. If I knew life could be this much fun I would have retired a long time ago.



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Marijuana was always an open secret in my family

Until recently marijuana has been an “open secret” in my family; I have been a pothead since middle school, and both of my parents knew this but never said anything, and at first I thought it was because they were cool people, which they are, but later I discovered they were also potheads… My folks were both school teachers, so they had to keep it quiet that they enjoyed getting stoned. I feel the pear doesn’t fall far from the tree after all! Last year the issue of marijuana legalization came up on the statewide ballot, and was voted through with a resounding success… Various people have spoken, and they want legal cannabis! As I said, this takes the pressure off of me to keep my marijuana use a secret, because it’s no longer illegal, but since my parents still teach elementary school, they still don’t want people to know they get high, so I have started going to the cannabis dispensary on their behalf. It is a certainly bizarre feeling to have your Dad hand you cash for a cannabis purchase! My Dad will also write out a list of the cannabis products they need, and dad hands me enough cash to cover the bill… plus a few extra bucks for myself. It’s such a wholesome scene of family togetherness, isn’t it? Oddly enough, I rarely smoke cannabis with my parents, even though my pal and I all do it, my pal and I all do it separately. My parents like to smoke cannabis on the back porch in the evenings, while I usually do it in my dining room while I am writing or simply listening to music.

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