Old flames and cannabis dispensaries

It can be pretty interesting how some things continue to sort of circle around for me.

  • I’m not so sure that the entire cosmos isn’t some form of big circle.

So more than 2 things just keep coming back to me until I do something about it. Either good or bad, I am finding recurring patterns happening all around. But I never thought I’d be at a cannabis dispensary with our old college flame. I’m not sure what sort of circle this is but it seems to be happening for a reason. First of all, it’s quite unusual that Sam and I both live in the same state which is far from where my associate and I grew up. Sam and I also live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. The fact that Sam and I both are single in our late 50’s is also interesting. But the fact that Sam and I are both sort of discovering cannabis at this age was a bit further off our radar than I thought possible. Sam and I were both so scared of marijuana when my associate and I were younger because of all the junk Sam and I were told, and yet, here my associate and I are some forty years later and it’s like Sam and I never lost a ninth. My wonderful friend and I live about 2 hours apart and made a date to meet up over social media. She advocated that Sam and I meet at this cannabis dispensary that he had been wanting to explore. I was in and the next thing I know, I’m shopping for marijuana for sale with the flame of our life like I’ve been doing it forever. As unusual and perhaps awkward as I was afraid it was going to be, it was actually 1 of the finest mornings I’ve had in our entire life.
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