Cannabis is 100 % legal now

I actually did something new today.

For the 1st time online this week I bought weed.

It’s amazing to me how much of our lives are now done from our laptop. I didn’t even think the word laptop twenty years ago. Currently, I can never go somewhere without it. As much as I do on our laptop, I’ve never ordered cannabis products online before today. The idea that I could simply go to a website for a marijuana corporation and click on some OG kush and then checkout was amazing. It’s like I was ordering breakfast cereal or something. There were decades where I couldn’t even come close to having anything as wonderful as OG kush. And I never certainly knew what the THC levels were or anything else about the cannabis products I bought. In those mornings, you took pretty much whatever you could get. If it smelled like weed, I paid for it, kept our mouth shut and was certainly thankful. But earlier this morning, not only did I get all the stats on the OG kush that I wanted, I had our cannabis products delivered to our door. That’s right, as if ordering cannabis online is not cool enough. I was able to pay for it and then have it delivered to our home. This totally blew our mind. It was just so incredibly convenient and easy. The cannabis products were delivered in a very nice container and the driver is actually somebody I think from the cannabis dispensary. So not only did I get to get the cannabis products even though I had a nice chat with a nice guy as well. I can remember when just getting food delivered was a giant deal.


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