You meet awesome people in the cannabis dispensary

There are a ton of great reasons why I am ecstatic that every one of us finally have sane cannabis laws in this state. For a long time, those of us who appreciate recreational marijuana have had to hide and live in fear of the government. Just because every one of us enjoyed smoking a 100% natural organic product that was wrongly classified as some sort of controlled substance. When cannabis products are a controlled substance, so should it be for alcohol, nicotine and processed sugar for that matter. Yea, it was really stupid, those laws. Finally, that’s over and a single can now legally shop for marijuana for sale in a local cannabis dispensary. It’s just so nice to be able to stop by the local cannabis spot to grab some Blue Dream or OG Kush. I don’t have to deal with any shady elements that sell cannabis products with suspect THC levels either. All the cannabis products at the cannabis dispensary have the THC content clearly marked. Plus, it was just so much fun to check all the variety of hybrid strains or the cannabis edible section. But there is still another reason I’m so glad to have legal access to the local cannabis spot. And that would be the cool people I meet each time I go to the local cannabis spot. The two of us all seem to share an official vibe and the kindness is palpable. I’ve made some wonderful current friends just taking a half an hour to chat with someone shopping for marijuana for sale in the same aisle. You can meet the best kind of people inside the local cannabis spot.

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