Yet another benefit of medical cannabis

Can medical cannabis keep you safe from COVID? After listening to a podcast about the medical benefits of smoking weed I started to do some online research, but i wasn’t looking for firsthand accounts from stoners, I was after medical research from professionals.

I found some very interesting information, however as of yet I haven’t found conclusive evidence that convinced myself and others a single way or the other, but there is so much misinformation floating around online that I have to be very careful about what I take to heart, from our own personal experience, I can say that throughout the whole pandemic I smoked medical cannabis almost every single morning.

I frequently came into contact with other people, some of whom had contracted COVID. In fact, I worked on various bizarre people who had COVID, and I never caught it myself, possibly because of our frequent medical cannabis use. I am very lucky that I had an established account with the local medical cannabis dispensary when the lockdown started. They had our payment information on file, and knew myself and others personally, so I could still contact the cannabis budtenders while the quarantine was ongoing, but after the first few weeks I was allowed to get curbside pickup for medical cannabis at the local shop! Since the people I was with and I were locked down for so long I relied heavily on medical cannabis to keep myself from getting lake house fever. If it turns out that the medical cannabis I smoked to get stoned also gave myself and others a level of protection against the virus, then I am doubly lucky, yet another benefit to medical cannabis

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