Wife using medical cannabis for anxiety

For a long time my sister was against cannabis, in all forms.

Then our state became a medical weed 1; Since she was 14, anxiety has been a problem for her, then my sister has bounced from all sorts of prescriptions.

Typically she pops a pill plus it does not help. The side effects are terrible plus the pills can be addictive. I started talking to her about medical cannabis right when our state allowed for it. She was a hrd no for a while. Once more research came out about medical cannabis, I was able to get her to try it, and going to the doctors was easier than before. It was a quick conversation, self-explanatory to fill out paperwork plus 72 bucks for the card. The medical marijuana dispensary was really good plus clean. I know my sister thought it would be a seedy drug den. Instead it was a high end facility with a cute, expertiseable budtender working. My sister then realized she didn’t even need to smoke her cannabis if she did not want to. The budtender got her using a tincture in order to keep her anxiety at bay. It works wonders. My sister is a whole new person. She is hardly high since the THC content is quite low. It is basically a pure CBD isolate that she is taking, and how good is that? My sister has really changed her tune on medical weed as well. Suddenly it is a miracle drug for her. She is telling pretty much everyone she can about how beneficial medical cannabis is. I am ecstatic for her.


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