Why can’t I purchase my regular 20:1 medical marijuana cream?

The first time I went into a medical marijuana dispensary, I had trouble finding marijuana products that were high in CBD. You would have thought I was trying to purchase leeches so I could bleed myself, instead of CBD. No one wanted to show me marijuana products that were high in CBD. I left the dispensary upset and disillusioned. When my husband suggested we try another marijuana dispensary, I agreed to go. When I got inside, I told him I had severe RA and the doctor told me I should medical marijuana products that were high in CBD. The young man started chatting with me and told me he had a 20:1 CBD/THC product. He said he recommended it for his mom who also had RA. She takes the 20:1 instead of using over-the-counter pain medications, or prescriptive pain relievers. I took the CBD/THC home and tried it. It took nearly an hour before I felt any kind of relief, but I was soon moving well, and I was almost pain free. For the first time in months, I could walk without my cane. I didn’t think it was okay to walk without the cane, but I did so without feeling like my legs and hips were breaking. Last week, I walked into the dispensary, but no one rushed to get my CBD creams, RSO, or other marijuana products. I asked where my order was, and the young man shook his head. He said they no longer carried anything higher than a 1:1 CBD/THC marijuana product. I went back home and took my prescription pain killer I hadn’t used in over a year.