Which is better, marijuana or cannabis dispensary SEO?

When I talked about taking ownership of a cannabis dispensary, I went online and looked at the things I had to do before I could even get started.

I needed a name for my company and have it registered with the state.

I needed to take care of a lot of paperwork that would set me up as an LLC, SP, or Corp. Once I had this done, I had to take classes to teach me the laws and regulations pertaining to a cannabis dispensary and how to run a cannabis dispensary. I had to know everything about my inventory and how to keep it up to date. I looked at everything on my paperwork and knew I couldn’t handle it. I called an internet marketing company that offered a department that only worked with cannabis dispensaries. The first thing they wanted to know was if I had any questions before we started. I asked which was better? Marijuana or cannabis dispensary SEO? The gentleman I was talking to started to laugh. He asked if I was opening a marijuana or cannabis dispensary? I told him there wasn’t any difference and he only said, exactly. I had answered my own question about which was the best SEO? Marijuana or cannabis dispensary SEO? He started working on my website and the SEO that was being used in it. Only after he was done with his initial work, did I hear from him. He wanted me to read over the website and make any changes and then he would finish up with the first draft of the website.

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