What do I do to be a marijuana delivery driver?

I wanted to know what I had to do to be a marijuana delivery driver.

  • I thought it looked like an easy job, and I wanted to do it.

I talked to several people and they told me I was nuts. One of my friends told me I should be happy to have the job I have. There was no way he would go to people’s houses and deliver marijuana to them. You didn’t know what kind of people you would be meeting. I thought it would be fun, and you could get some good tips. Another friend told me it may have been fun when it was just medical marijuana, but a lot of weird people would order recreational marijuana. You didn’t know what kind of people you would meet. I waved her off just like I had my other friend. I felt like they had talked to each other before discussing my idea of being a marijuana delivery driver. My sister tried to tell me I needed to know all the marijuana laws if I wanted to be a marijuana delivery driver, and told me I would need to be fingerprinted. I wasn’t worried about being fingerprinted. I had never done anything wrong, and I knew I had a good record. I never got arrested or given a parking ticket, so I should easily pass the test to be a marijuana delivery driver. I didn’t even worry about getting mugged, because my car didn’t note that I was a marijuana delivery person, and I didn’t carry money with me. No matter what anyone told me, I was just becoming more sure that being a marijuana delivery driver was the right job for me.


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