Weed dispensary t shirts are fantastic

I absolutely hate having to wear a uniform at work. They never look flattering as well as the shirts are consistently too tight. I was super excited when I landed the job at the medical as well as recreational marijuana dispensary. There was no uniform required, as well as there was a lenient dress code. Basically I could wear whatever clothes I wanted as long as it was appropriate for a retail sales environment. I wore our red jeans most of the time with a comfortable shirt or blouse. When the acting director of the marijuana dispensary told pretty much everyone that all of us were going to start wearing new uniform shirts, I was aggravated as well as a little mad. The shirts that all of us sold through the dispensary were not actually fantastic quality. They were made of a thin cotton material that was heavy as well as hot. Thankfully, all of us found out that our t-shirts were going to be made by a new and unusual local business. The t-shirts arrived a couple of days ago. They have the name of our marijuana dispensary on the back as well as the front of the T-shirt has a big picture of a cannabis plant. I am actually quite pleased by the quality of the shirts. The shirts are very lightweight as well as available in a couple of fresh colors such as black, pale white, as well as tan. Every one of us didn’t have to pay for the shirts either. Each one of the budtending crew at the dispensary were issued 3 shirts for a full-time shift. I can rotate the shirts for two or 3 days before I have to worry about doing the laundry. Every one of us can also get more in the future if 3 shirts is not enough.

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