We stayed up until midnight playing video games for fun

My husband and I both had to work on Sunday morning.

  • My associate and I got paid on Sunday in addition to going to the grocery store.

My associate and I also went out for dinner at a nice steakhouse that has Italian food in addition to pizza. I got pasta with alfredo sauce in addition to chicken. My old man decided to get a calzone with mushrooms, black olives, onions, in addition to feta cheese. When the two of us were done with dinner at the steakhouse, my friend and I decided to take a walk downtown. While my close friend and I were walking, my friend and I passed by a marijuana shop that was open until midnight. I also knew the marijuana shop was located downtown although I had never been inside. My man in addition to I thought it would be fun to walk in the doors. Once my friend and I were inside, it was hard to say no to the budtender. The guy was important to us and hard to buy something, even if it was a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. My man in addition to I ended up purchasing an infused marijuana cigarette with kief in addition to frosty water bubble hash. The two of us smoked the marijuana joint as soon as my friend and I got home. It was a sativa in addition to that kept us awake for a while. My associate and I stayed up until midnight playing video games. Neither one of us even looked at the clock until it was after 12:00. In addition, both of us were surprised that it wasn’t closer to 10. Time flew by actually abruptly when both of us were high on recreational marijuana supplies. I almost slept through the alarm on Sunday morning in addition to not getting to work on time.