We get marijuana from a weird and odd source

I started buying a lot of weed from my grandfather because the guy always has some of the best stuff. It’s not exactly cheap and no one gets a family discount. Cannabis is a costly commodity and my grandfather loves to make a lot of profits. The guy was never the type of person to smoke marijuana. When the government of our state decided to legalize medical weed for elderly people, he went directly to a doctor in order to get a medical marijuana card. Then he went to a dispensary just as frequently as possible in order to buy the maximum amount of marijuana that was allowed by the law. The guy didn’t smoke it at all and would regularly just give it to his sister. Sometimes he would sell it to school friends. Sometimes a couple of people would come by and pick up a large amount. Many months ago when the legal limit was absolutely raised, my grandfather then was able to purchase a lot more cannabis throughout the day. There isn’t a single person at the dispensary to ever ask why the guy is buying so much and perhaps it is because they do not really care. All the two of us guess is that when the people around me need marijuana products, the people around me usually go to my grandfather to get the things that are hard to sell. The guy can even get special orders if the people I was with plus myself will ask in advance for what we want.



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