We also stayed in and watched a horrifying film

My loving wife and I were definitely going to go out and see a film on Sunday night, however there was a complication with the air conditioner and my associate and I had to wait for the repairman to arrive; my loving wife went to the grocery store to pick up some steaks and baked potatoes for brunch.

While she was there, she got a film from redbox. She then got a horrifying film that both of us have. When the professional repairman was done with the air conditioner, the two of us decided to order recreational marijuana from a locale nearby. The recreational marijuana shop has free delivery services until midnight on Sundays. My close great friend and I called the recreational marijuana shop and ordered a couple of items. My great friend and I made sure to have enough money. My loving wife got money back from the grocery store so my associate and I could buy recreational marijuana supplies. Around here you can’t actually use a debit or debit card. All marijuana purchases have to be paid for with money. Even the dispensaries have ATM machines inside because every transaction has to be money. The delivery driver only accepts money too. The total for our order was $96 and I only got $100 in money back from the grocery store. My loving wife and I looked around the dwelling for a couple of extra bucks so my associate and I had a great tip for the driver. My great friend and I found a five in my suit overcoat. Even though it was only a couple of miles from our locale to the marijuana shop, the two of us really wanted to make sure that the delivery driver knew how much my associate and I loved the service.

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