Wasn’t happy about the teenagers throwing a party with cannabis

The whole backyard had the strong smell of marijuana

My fiance plus I were supposed to go out of the neighborhood for a couple of afternoons. My mother was supposed to be at the condo with the teenagers, even though she got strep throat at the last hour plus canceled. My children said that they could stay in the condo all weekend by themselves plus everything would be fine. I did not know if that was really the case or not, but we made the plans plus I could not cancel them at the last hour. After we left the condo on Sunday, I called my kid plus she did not answer the cellphone. She was supposed to be in the condo plus she told me that she would not leave the condo at all while we were gone. I started to get frustrated when I called an hour later and nobody answered the cellphone. I refused to get on the airplane plus I canceled all of my plans so we could go back home. When we got back to the house, I found the teenagers having a party in the backyard… The tunes were turned up really loud plus the teenagers were smoking recreational marijuana. The whole backyard had the strong smell of marijuana. I asked my kid where the marijuana came from, but she would not give me an answer. Later I found out that she used her sibling’s identification card to order marijuana supplies from a delivery service. My kid does not look at all like her sibling plus I was outraged that the marijuana dispensary sold products to my 15-year-old kid separate from checking the ID.

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