Waiting for recreational weed to be okay so I can try edibles

My state has finally gotten its act together and is a recreational cannabis state; I had been waiting for years to finally love weed.

  • I didn’t want to go the medical weed route, however for starters, I dislike going to the healthcare experts… Getting an appointment, waiting around, doing the appointment, and paying for it seemed obscene, then you pay another fee, fill out more paperwork, and get a card.

Guess what? The card is only great for a year. Then you need to do it all over again, however no way. I just waited and now I can get whatever I want! A pressing draw was the edible form though. I know that medical weed patients don’t get prescribed edibles. For me, I don’t like smoking. I didn’t want to vape either. I like that edibles are discrete however powerful. The weed gets into your bloodstream quicker. It is a more intense, quicker high. That is ideal for me. I don’t want to wait around, love the process, and last all day. A quick burst please. That is why I do shots rather than sip carona at a bar. I don’t like to take my time with things. The recreational cannabis dispensary near me has a pressing selection of edibles. There is an on-site bake shop where I can get pot brownies, cookies, cakes, and pies. There are gums, mints, candies and chocolates for purchase. There are even cooking products like oils and butters. I have found there is even a line of CBD infused drinks to buy. I cherish that I have so many possibilities for an edible.

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