Video games is my absolute jam on a rainy night

The rain was simply bad on Sunday night and it was certainly cold.

I was surprised that there was no ice.

The temperature seemed to have her right around 32°. I absolutely didn’t want to go anywhere on Sunday night, even though I was supposed to meet some friends at the bar. I also decided to stay in and play video games instead. I honestly like playing video games and I just bought a brand modern PS5 so I could play all of the latest and greatest games. I also decided to get pizza from a shop nearby. I never order from one of those sites like Domino’s or Pizza hut. The pizza also consistently tastes the same no matter what you have on it. I like to order from the Italian eating establishment around the corner. They are certainly close and have great prices. The pizza consistently arrives at my front door tepid and fresh. I also ordered recreational marijuana that night from a dispensary nearby. The dispensary near me has great prices on all of the items that I love the most. The dispensary has a huge selection of edibles and pre-rolls, and edibles are easy to take when I am playing video games and I usually eat 20 mg every 30 minutes until I am totally stoned. I also like delicious pre-rolls that are infused and flavored. I bought a 5-pack of pre-rolls from the dispensary near me and I decided to get the sativa ones that taste like lychee. They are certainly fruity and flavorful and there is nothing else in the store like them.


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