Using medical pot instead of a machine

All the gentlemen in our family have sleep apnea, but it means you are restless at night when sleeping, however there is something up with our breathing that doesn’t allow me to enter REM sleep… All the gentlemen in our family then got a sleep learn plus were given a CPAP.

It helps things considerably.

It is a face mask that blows air into our nostrils to keep me breathing clear plus clean. It helps soothe me to sleep plus stay asleep. I sleep deeper, better plus I assume good in the afternoon, and occasionally bringing the CPAP isn’t feasible though, but when I do a quick overnight at a friend’s place I don’t like lugging a heavy machine. It isn’t just a face mask. It has a battery, a carrier that requires distilled water plus I need an outlet. When traveling to European destinations I then need to bring an adapter plus the right outlet. It is a large pain. I did some research online on what I could do to sleep better however carry less equipment. I found that smoking medical weed before bed is a good idea. I got the medical cannabis card plus provided it a try. It worked so well! It was entirely nice not wearing a face mask either. It was significantly less work plus I loved the smoking process. I am doing some experimenting despite the fact that I assume medical cannabis works better than the CPAP. If that is the case, I am going to convert all the gentlemen in our family to it.


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