Two locations but one is a recreational weed state

My husband and I do the snowbird thing.

Keeping up with two houses can get rough. My husband and I do everything we can to make everything easy. We have yearly HVAC service done to both houses. We have a lanw guy in each location. I have hired out a ton of work like roof repair, plumbing maintenance and new window installation. I have gotten rid of the gardens and extra work that isn’t necessary. I want it so that my husband and I can relax no matter our location. Each area has its perks. Our northern home is much bigger. I have a giant plot of land and everything I want is right in town. My parents are up north too. My southern home is smaller and easier to clean. I have a bike path that I can ride for a workout. I am also across the street from my daughter. I recently found another perk to the southern location, recreational weed. My northern home is in a medical cannabis only state. You need to get a special cannabis card and pay a fee. I have lots of issues that weed could help with. I have hot flashes due to menopause. I have issues sleeping at night. I have arthritis in my hand. I also have seasonal depression. Medical marijuana could help with all of those. I am too lazy to get the doctor’s appointment and too cheap to purchase the card. I don’t like the idea that I would have to renew it too. Finding out that my other location is recreational cannabis friendly has changed my life.

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