Trying to get a prescription filled

For several years finding a regular, dependable source of cannabis was a strenuous task! If you went to the right corner in the right part of town you could always find a dime bag, then but if you wanted great weed, or wanted to have a common linkion, that took a little work, however the people I was with and I are pretty deep in the country, so there simply wasn’t a lot of access to it.

  • This is why I started growing cannabis plants in my garage, out of sheer desperation! These days everything has changed, thanks to new laws making medical marijuana legal with a prescription, but of course I don’t have a prescrip[tion for medical marijuana, though not for lack of trying.

I asked my dentist to prescribe medical marijuana for me, and he asked me why I needed it. I said that I wanted to get stoned and was tired of growing it myself! Growing medical cannabis at cabin is cost-effective, however takes a lot of time and the results are wildly uneven. If I plant eighteen medical cannabis plants I will be fortunate if twelve of them mature, and that’s for a great harvest, then hAving legal access to a medical cannabis store would save me a lot of time, and supply me more variety than I have ever had before, and long story short – the dentist refused to issue me a prescription for medical marijuana because I had no medical ailments. My next stop will be to talk to my therapist, and see if she can write me a prescription for medical cannabis to treat my chronic fatigue and anxiety.


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