Trying something new with trip to the cannabis dispensary

I can hardly believe that I waited until I retired before I actually made a trip to the local cannabis spot.

So, I guess it’s better late than never.

While this was my first trip to a cannabis dispensary, it’s not my first time when it comes to recreational marijuana. It was virtually impossible to not at least try marijuana when I was in college. Marijuana was everywhere and it was definitely something that most people use. I certainly enjoyed that period of my life and recreational marijuana was a part of that. It was a unique time to be alive that’s for sure. There seemed to be so much hope for change. It was almost palpable. I actually felt like I was part of something and was going to change our society for the better. It was an exciting time indeed. But then came career and so I put down the recreational marijuana and got married then started a family. Back then, using recreational marijuana was not something you could do in a serious career. There was drug testing of course and any kind of recreational marijuana use was frowned upon heavily. I talked myself into being the career and family man. But I really did miss cannabis. So when the first cannabis dispensary opened in my area, I was there ready to go in. Well I might be an older guy now, my appreciation for the local cannabis spot is as big as anybody else’s. It’s just so nice to not have to pretend that I don’t use recreational marijuana. It’s just nice to be open and honest about the benefits of cannabis products. I’m very thankful that retirement has also brought along trips to the cannabis dispensary.



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