Trying recreational weed on vacation

My husband and I recently went on a second honeymoon.

  • Since we have kids, a cat, and responsibilities at home, going overseas wasn’t possible.

We choose to travel to a different state for a long weekend. It was a nice, short getaway. The two of us agreed that it was imperative to do things that we wouldn’t normally do. The kids dictate a lot of our lives. So we made the choice to get super hammered one night at a fancy restaurant. We chose another day to spend it at the spa. The final day we actually enjoyed the benefits of recreational cannabis in the state we were in. I used to smoke marijuana religiously in college. I loved how it made me feel. I liked a good indica to mellow me out and help me sleep at night. My husband used to vape cannabis oil for relaxation during the stressful periods of school. We don’t want a bunch of cannabis use around our children. Our home state is a medical weed only state as well. So it just wasn’t necessary to get the cannabis card. Since we were away from the kids and weed was so accessible, we got to enjoy it again. Rather than do indicas, we choose sativas to have a little fun. I tried all sorts of fun edibles like THC infused gummies, mints, chocolates, and pops. My husband smoked a fun strain called Girl Scout Cookies. Being a bit high with him and in a cheerful mood was a lot of fun. We agree iwa s the best day of the trip.

Cannabis edibles