Trying different cannabis edibles flavors

My friend loves and enjoys taking cannabis edibles, despite the fact that he hates sweets. This was a big turnoff for a long time, because most edibles are excessively sweetened. Usually they come as sweet gummies, chocolates, cookies, brownies, & many other sweet/yummy treats. However, during the COVID pandemic, when no one could get my hands on any edibles anyway, he decided to experiment in the kitchen. He could make his own edibles, using savory foods and enjoy having weed as a part of his meals! He had to start with the basics though & learn how to make cannabis oil from the weed he had on-hand. Most people assume that cooking with cannabis means grinding up some of the pot & folding it into the batter. However, this is not the best way to make potent edibles. To achieve the best results, the cannabis needs to release all its power into an oil. It is this oil that is then used for cooking. Oil infused with cannabis will then transfer the flavor & the THC into the other foods. This is what causes the food to be saturated with the pleasant marijuana taste & potency. He made a creamy seafood alfredo sauce,with OG Kush & Purple Haze portoned equally. This was then topped up with penne pasta. And the taste was out of this world. After a few spoons, he was so full and high that he needed to take a 5 hour nap just to recover. Unfortunately edibles are difficult to control as they make consumers sleepy for the rest of the day. This is why many people still prefer to smoke cannabis, so that they can regulate their intake.

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