Try cannabis to lower blood pressure

My husband is 31 and has high blood pressure. It isn’t dangerously high where the doctor is recommending pills or anything. But it is at the level where it is a concern. I have tried to lower his blood pressure by feeding him the right stuff. We don’t eat greasy, fatty foods anymore. I don’t put spice in anything or have sugary stuff on the table. I have a lot of leafy greens, beans, berries and chicken in our meals. He has lost quite a bit of weight and does feel better. I invested in better sheets, pillows and a sound machine to help him sleep better at night. My husband has started working out 40 minutes four days a week. He says he feels better, he certainly looks it. We bought a blood pressure monitor and his progress is slow going. I honestly think what is the leading cause of his high blood pressure is stress. He lets his job get to him and he freaks out. His heart rate goes crazy, he feels warm to the touch and gets irritable. I have tried to get him to meditate and listen to calming music, but that hasn’t helped. I have looked around online and I am wondering if cannabis might be the solution. Marijuana is good for anxiety relief and stress reduction. Why not vape cannabis oil during the work day? He works from home. Our state allows for recreational cannabis. It would be great if that fixed it. My husband wouldn’t mind being slightly high during the workday either if it was good for his health.


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