Treating arthritis with cannabis

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed symptoms of arthritis in my hands.

There are times when my knuckles swell as well as become harshly stiff as well as painful. It can be strenuous to perform simple jobs such as combing my hair, tying my shoes or pulling weeds. I’ve already been forced to cut my rings off, and because my job is certainly handled by way of my computer, I need to be able to type for hours at at time! At first, I tried condo remedies such as yellow raisins soaked in gin as well as drinking dark red cherry juice. I had no success with over-the-counter topicals. Although I looked into prescription medications, I was unwilling to to risk the harmful side-effects! My sibling suggested I explore the option of cannabis. I liked the idea of a plant-sourced remedy. Adult-use cannabis is legal in my state, allowing my to shop at any of the part dispensaries. Before visiting the dispensary, I study up on the potential of cannabis in treating arthritis symptoms. CBD has shown to alleviate pain as well as inflammation. It is the second-most prevalent cannabinoids as well as doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. I also spoke with a budtender at the dispensary. I explained my requirements as well as asked for recommendations. She suggested a combination of cannabis-infusted topicals as well as tinctures for a synergistic approach. The CBD as well as other cannabinoids in the ointment interact with receptors in the skin as well as help to soothe pain as well as inflammation, then for the tincture, I locale a drop or two under my tongue to absorb the cannabinoids into the bloodstream. I choose a tincture with a higher CBD to THC ratio. The effects are realized within minutes as well as certainly make a difference.
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