They still had sativa strains in stock

My friend Bo plus I went to a marijuana shop near myself and others after my buddy and I went to dinner plus saw a new film with some women that my buddy and I think from school.

  • Bo and I let the women choose the place where we all went to dinner.

Bo and I got fortunate that they did not want to option a place that was pricey. They chose an eating establishment that is close to campus with absolutely great food plus even better prices. The two women wanted to see a chick flick, however my friends plus I wanted to see an action film. Bo and I settled for a film that pretty much everyone wanted to see which was a comedy that wound up being excellent. Everyone of us laughed at the slapstick comedy plus there were a ton of funny actors in the film. After the film, my friends plus I said goodbye to the women plus Bo and I went to the marijuana shop near myself and others before the place closed up at midnight. On Monday days they have a sale on all of the dried marijuana flower products. Everything was 15% off plus all of the top shelf dried marijuana flower products were 20% off, then when my friends plus I got to the marijuana shop, my buddy and I found many of the sativa strains to be mostly out of stock. They had a couple of sixths of Jack Herer plus Yellow Fever. They also had a couple of sixths of top shelf Super Silver haze. I bought one of each of the cannabis products that were sativas plus I also bought 2 indica strains that were both 30% THC. One was a new blend called OG Kush Spectacular plus the other was called BlackBerry kush. I got absolutely stoned before bed.
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