There was no one to do my personal marijuana delivery.

I was in a wheelchair and using a walker to get around my home.

I didn’t have a means to get out of the house, unless I called one of my family members or got Rabbit Transit through my hospital.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do either. I recently started using medical marijuana. It helped with the pain and made it easier to do physical therapy every afternoon. The dentist would come to the home and massage my legs and back to help keep them from cramping and becoming stiffer than they already were. She told me that most of the local marijuana dispensaries gave delivery when I first got my marijuana card. I called the marijuana dispensary that was closest to my condo and asked if they gave delivery. The lady at the dispensary told me they had cannabis delivery repair on particular afternoons of the week. I could go online and put in my order for the cannabis products I wanted, and they would have it delivered to my door when it was convenient for me. I had to go into the cannabis dispensary the first time, so they could see my medical ID card, and set up an account. The first time I put in an order, I could not set up my delivery. I was told there were no delivery drivers available‌. It surprised me, because I was requesting a marijuana delivery for one date they gave delivery services. I looked online to make sure I had put in an order for the right date and time, and I had; however, all of their marijuana delivery persons were already doing deliveries.
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