The vanilla flavored tincture wasn't that great

When my girlfriend and I went to the city, we went to a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary for the first time.

I thought it would be really cool and interesting to see a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary.

There were no dispensaries in the small town where my girlfriend and I lived, but there were at least a dozen places an hour away from us in the city. When my girlfriend and I were there, we found a marijuana dispensary nearby with great sales and specials and a first-time patient discount. My girlfriend and I went to the marijuana dispensary the second day we were in the city. I was amazed by the selection of products available at the marijuana shop. They had lots of different items. They had dried marijuana flour, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and a variety of tinctures. The marijuana dispensary had a whole wall that was filled with flavored tinctures and marijuana oils. One brand had about 20 different flavors including vanilla, mocha, root beer, orange, strawberry, and banana. Another brand had flavors that were strange and weird like lavender and blueberry and vanilla and hibiscus. I decided to try the vanilla flavored tincture. I bought a 100 mg bottle for $12. I planned to put the vanilla flavored tincture in my coffee in the morning. Unfortunately, the flavor of the vanilla tincture wasn’t that great. I ended up getting rid of most of the bottle. I hated to throw away marijuana, but the vanilla flavored tincture was really awful. I couldn’t even get my roommate to use it and that guy loves weed.

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