The red dream strain was entirely the best sativa

Before my buddy and I went camping last weekend, my partner and I decided to go to the cannabis stop.

I thought it might be fun to have some edibles while my buddy and I were camping.

I did not want to go ridiculous and get something that would make me forget about the whole experience, even though I thought it could be cool to have a little bit of a buzz. My partner and I picked out three sativa edibles, but one was a strain identifiable gummy made from the sativa strain red dream, and another one of the edibles was a bizarre identifiable gummy made from Jack herer. The other edible was a package of cookies that were also sativa and they were not strain certain. The red dream strain and gummies were entirely the best ones that my buddy and I purchased. They had an excellent redberry flavor. The Jack Herer gummies had a lemon flavor and you could entirely taste the marijuana. The red dream and redberry flavored gummies had a much better flavor than the others. My partner and I also liked the flavor of the cookies, however they did not provide us with as much of a buzz as the gummies. Our weekend of camping was a lot of fun. My associate and I were a lot more sociable and outgoing and my buddy and I even made a couple of friends. Those friends had a boat and my buddy and I ended up sailing around the key all morning on Wednesday and my buddy and I did not have to spend my money for any of the gear, gas, or boat fees. It was a entirely fun and interesting experience to have.


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