The project gives away free marijuana products to local wounded warriors

One of my friends is a guy that was in the military for 15 years; He was overseas serving in an active duty capacity for nine of those 15 years.

Being in that category of environment absolutely has not done anything good for my friend.

The guy suffers with terrible PTSD and paranoia. He thinks that all the people is out to get him and he worries about lots of things that I do not think are ever going to be a problem. The guy recently signed up for a project that gets him free medical marijuana. Medical and recreational marijuana products are illegal in the state, you do not have to have a prescription to buy medical marijuana, but you can get a higher amount of purchase limits and you can usually save some money on taxes if you do have a medical marijuana card. There are dispensaries all over the state that have weird types of products that help with a variety of problems. Some of these dispensaries participate in the project that my associate signed up for. He goes to a marijuana dispensary on Thursday days and the project is regularly at a weird location. The place gives away bags of marijuana supplies to people that are in need and my associate gets a lot of stuff for free. Last year he got 8 oz of marijuana and some concentrate, edibles, and CBD tinctures. It’s a absolutely nice program for veterans and they do not have to spend my money a fortune for the products that will absolutely help them. Medical marijuana helps a good deal with wounded and emotionally disfigured veterans.

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