The prices are cheaper if I schedule the delivery a day ahead of time

I have been a recreational marijuana user for a long time.

When the state legalized recreational marijuana, I was very happy. I visited all of the dispensaries when they had their grand opening special and sales. Back then, none of the dispensaries offered any delivery services. Things changed a great deal when covid came around. Not a lot of people were allowed inside of the store and delivery became a very good idea. Since then, almost all of the marijuana services have started some type of delivery service. Some of the places only offer delivery services. For instance, in my county there is a law that says there are no stores allowed. Somehow there is a loophole that allows people to be able to have a delivery service. I’m not sure if they are outside of the city and still within the county or how it works, but the delivery service can operate as long as they do not sell products to a person in a store. The delivery service has excellent prices on all of the cannabis products. They also offer cheaper savings if you order one day ahead of time. The one day order specials are usually about 30% off. When I order a day ahead of time, I can schedule the delivery for anytime that I want and save a heap of money on the products that I love. I think some positive changes have absolutely come out of the devastation caused my Covid 19. I hope we never have to deal with something like that ever again.

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