The pre rolls were a huge hit at the party

I decided to do something different this year for the annual holiday party. I usually get a different assortment of holiday drinks and alcohol like eggnog, whiskey, vodka, Irish cream, and rum. I also have the event catered from a local place that everyone likes. Last year we had a taco and enchilada bar and this year we had six different kinds of fondue. I also went to the recreational marijuana dispensary to pick up some pre-rolled marijuana joints. I have been using recreational marijuana for a couple of years. Some of my friends also use recreational marijuana. I went to the dispensary and I found a package of small marijuana joints that were pre-rolled. Each one of the marijuana joints contained a small amount of dried flower. I bought a package of 24 for less than $100 and I had enough joints for every person to try one if they wanted. The pre-rolls were a huge hit at the party. As soon as my friends saw the joints, a couple of people went outside on the porch to smoke it. Then someone came back into the house to grab another one. I could hear my friends laughing and having fun outside. I joined them after everyone arrived. I didn’t want to be a terrible hostess. Most of the people at the holiday party were high or drunk before the caterers arrived with all of the food products. We had a lot of fun that night and the party carried on until three in the morning. I think I will add this holiday tradition to every party that I host.
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