The power of cannabis edibles

I was a fit of rage a while back, especially whenever I received unpleasant news.

One time I felt like beating up the boss and I would sit at the desk in my cubicle, staring blankly at the office computer as I hatched plans of how to execute the beating.

While I understood that it wasn’t the boss’s fault, and that he only passed on the unpleasant news, it still annoyed me. One way or another, I would manage to calm down & leave for the day. However, the frustration & rage was piling up and it couldn’t be allowed to build up, or else it would explode. This pushed me to see a trusted buddy, Tim. He ran a small cannabis dispensary in our town and was one of the famous budtenders around. My goal was to ask for wisdom which is why Tim recommended meditation & cannabis edibles, used proportionately. As always, Tim was right and his strategy worked. This is considered a holistic approach to self-care as Tim had explained. The thing is if I just smoked cannabis & didn’t meditate then this didn’t do much as it was just covering up the problem. It’s best to consume cannabis, relax, & then focus inwardly for a few hours as I concentrate on self reflection & tranquility. I know that finding inner peace isn’t an easy job, but when coupled with the use of cannabis it is made a lot easier. When one spends some few quiet hours deep in meditation, pausing only to smoke more cannabis, you get to feel renewed & rejuvenated. This is why I now smoke cannabis every day & meditate every night after work. This practice helps me release all the tension & stress before it becomes toxic. Tim may be a typical budtender at the cannabis dispensary, but his wisdom is precious.


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