The plumber smelled like marijuana and I didn’t like it

Ever since marijuana was legalized for recreational in addition to medical purposes, there have been more in addition to more people getting high in all places.

I didn’t initially feel it was a sizable deal for someone to go to the marijuana dispensary in addition to buy products like vape pens, dried marijuana flower, in addition to edibles.

I always see people smoking marijuana vape pens in public in addition to I regularly am smelling marijuana in practically every parking lot… Just this week, my spouse in addition to I had a bit of an issue with the plumbing in addition to our professional had the smell of marijuana. I told my spouse that my buddy and I should get some other professional to come out, but she told me that it wasn’t a major deal if the professional had a marijuana smell. I watched the plumber work in the lavatory. I watched the guy work the whole time. I thought he was going to make a critical mistake, however the professional seemed to work methodically as he worked on the problem with the sink! Even though the plumber smelled very strongly of marijuana, he got the job taken care of in no time. It was my plan to inform the supplier after he was finished about the fact that he had the strong smell of marijuana, however after the impeccable service in addition to skilled repair, there was no way that I could call to complain about the service. I even gave the guy a good tip. My spouse was definitely correct when she said it was not a sizable deal if the professional smelled exactly like marijuana. The professional did not seem to be less than efficient just because he was high.

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