The people I was with and I rolled up a dozen joints for the 10 minute road trip

I like going on a road trip with our friends.

The people I was with and I always have a truly good time. The people I was with and I listen to music as well as smoke marijuana in the car. Jack told myself and others that he needed to drive 10 minutes of the coast to option up some furniture that his parents gave him. The people I was with and I were going to be driving a moving truck the whole way. Jack wanted someone to ride along to keep him contractor as well as I agree. The night before all of us went on the road trip, all of us rolled up a bunch of pre-rolled marijuana joints for the trip. I rolled numerous pre-rolled marijuana joints out of a package of Blue Dream marijuana that I had in our room. I also rolled up numerous marijuana joints from a package of Skywalker OG that I had as well. The people I was with and I had numerous marijuana joints for the day as well as 6:00 marijuana joints for the day, during our 10-minute drive up the coast, all of us smoked all of the joints. The people I was with and I lit one up as soon as the other one was out. When all of us were getting ready to head back home, all of us went to a recreational marijuana dispensary as well as purchased a whole pack of pre rolls so all of us wouldn’t have to worry about the trip back home. Jack as well as I spent a lot of time together in the vehicle that weekend. I truly did not mind at all. The people I was with and I listened to music as well as all of us talked about women. It was nice to get out of the condo as well as see weird scenery for a while. The people I was with and I had perfect weather too. There wasn’t a single cloud in sight.

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