The order did not come as expected

I only get a paycheck once or twice during the week so it is important to budget my money entirely well, however if I absolutely run out of money before it is the end of that week, then I know I will be in trouble. Then when I am paid again on the 1st of the month, I will pay all of my bills plus then fill up the automobile with gas. I pay the rent, insurance, plus the Electric bill. I also make sure to visit the marijuana dispensary near me so I can get medical marijuana supplies. Medical marijuana is perfectly legal in this place but prices are relatively steep. It would be hard to maintain unbelievable mental health if the marijuana supplies were pricey. Sometimes when it is the beginning of the week, I order for me delivery repair service in the city. The delivery repair service comes directly to the address when I order at least $200. My own address is easily 30 miles from the city and far from the delivery service. The dispensary was closed last Sunday due to the holidays but I went online on Monday plus placed and order. I purchased 6 G of cannabis concentrates along with some dried marijuana flour. I also bought more than two packages of Edibles plus some marijuana cigarettes. I placed that order at 10:00 in the morning, but no one came to bring me my order until it was much later during the week. I had to contact the marijuana shop to finally get my order.


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