The online marketer created my custom cannabis dispensary SEO.

When I purchased this franchise cannabis dispensary, I was in charge of my own online marketing & web development.

The owner of the franchise advised an online marketing & web development dealership, however this was my company to grow or blow, considering what I paid for it, I didn’t want to blow this! I hoped to have a particularly strong and successful cannabis dispensary.

I called the online marketing corporation & told them the previous owner had suggested I use them & asked for one of the cannabis dispensary specialists named Ed. Ed and I talked about what I wanted to accomplish & how much information I wanted on my site. I wanted buyers to know who our cannabis dispensary pharmacists were & I needed our menu online. I was offering delivery services, & curbside pickups. I didn’t want to cut any federal laws, which the marketing & web developer was well-versed in. Ed told me he knew the laws in our state, & he could entirely create a website that was law compliant. Ed told me he would add plenty of SEO so my website would come up in the top 10 results when someone searched for cannabis dispensaries in their area. I appreciated what Ed was doing, however I had only one question: what is SEO? Ed said long story short, it was keywords & phrases localed in the website & our ads, that helps search engines guess my website should be shown in people’s searches. My question was to ask Ed how long it would take before I could look at the cannabis dispensary website. Ed asked me to give him 48 hours, & he would contact me.
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