The new employee doesn't know anything about cannabis

For the past 6 weeks, I have been laboring as the newest employee for a recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary.

I work the crappy shifts plus the hours nobody wants to toil because I was the new person.

When I was hired to toil at the dispensary, I had to pass a test to ensure that I had the requisite knowledge to toil as a budtender. I also applied seven times before I finally got an interview. I am not sure the newest person to get hired had to pass the same marijuana knowledge test or rigorous screening process. The store manager of the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary is related to the store owner. I am not sure exactly how, however most of the other people that toil with myself and others suppose that they are brother plus sister. They always have dinner together plus they like to talk about family plus gatherings prefer they think each other genuinely well. The new employee is Jen, the manager’s daughter. Jen recently turned 21 plus started laboring at the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary. Jen is friendly plus nice, although she doesn’t absolutely think anything about the various products. Jen doesn’t think the difference between a sativa, indica, or a hybrid. Jen doesn’t think the difference between a shatter, wax, or live resin product. Most of the time Jen has to ask someone else for help when there are questions from customers. I am getting paid to do her job, but I am not getting paid to do Jens work too. I do not suppose that is genuinely fair after having to pay my dues for the past few weeks.