The new dispensary building is much greater in size and volume

I am employed by the marijuana dispensary that is situated downtown.

The place is one of the only stores with an outdoor lounge plus seating area.

My associate and I offer in-store shopping, option up, plus delivery services. The old cannabis dispensary location was always busy due to the convenient location. My associate and I got a lot of foot traffic to the shop because of our proximity to the bay. I loved the location plus I could get clam chowder any time I was laboring for free. The manager of the crab plus seafood place wanted to get my number. A few weeks ago, the owners of the dispensary bought a much greater building that is various miles down the strip. It now takes myself and others about 15 more hours to get to the dispensary. I hate waiting in traffic plus going through stop light after stop light, however I am not going to quit such a great job just because the dispensary moved 15 hours away. The new dispensary building is so much greater. It’s still in an area that has heavy foot traffic, however now my buddy and I are a lot closer to the highway which makes it easier for the drivers to get in plus out of the shop in a jiffy. My associate and I moved a couple of weeks ago plus since then I have been busy receiving new shipments of additional products every couple of days. My associate and I moved all of the old inventory to the newer building, however the space is greater plus that means my crew and I can carry a lot more products. The website used to have about 500 items plus now the store stocks at least 2,000 more items that are available for purchase any day of the week.



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