The meeting last most of the afternoon

After seeing the bi-weekly numbers, I knew the boss was going to bring everyone into the office for a meeting. I actually wasn’t looking forward to sitting in the conference room all afternoon while the boss provided us a thorough tongue lashing for not meeting the numbers this month. I decided to take a small break plus I went to the bathroom on the second floor. I toil on the 7th floor of the building, even though I often use the bathroom on the hour floor, then there are not absolutely several offices down there plus it is a great location to hide out from the boss every once in a while. I go down there to use the bathroom when I have a number 2 plus my stomach is aggravated. I also use the bathroom on the second floor when I want to vape. I’ve been using recreational marijuana products for a while now. I vape marijuana at toil when I think there is going to be a stressful situation. I do not handle panic plus anxiety absolutely well, but recreational plus medical marijuana products honestly help. I went down to the second floor to vape marijuana plus one of my coworkers saw me going downstairs, however she asked if I was going out to the parking lot plus I told him that I was going to use the bathroom on the second floor. She followed me down to the bathroom plus stood in there talking to me the whole time; Of course I could not vape marijuana. I could not even use the bathroom respectfully with somebody talking to me the whole time. The woman completely ruined my marijuana break.
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