The medication is not effective, but marijuana is

I have had migraine headaches since I was a teenager, however no one entirely knows why the migraines occur, however they just happen from time to time and the pain is severe, i can’t sleep or eat and I can’t even keep my eyeah open when I have a headache.

The pain is serious and absolutely debilitating.

I tried lots of over-the-counter pain remedies to help with the headaches and when they did not work, I turned to my medical professional for help. The medical professional provided myself and others lots of different prescription drugs that were supposed to help with the headaches, unfortunately, they did not help absolutely well. The only thing that I have found that sincerely helps with headache pain is recreational and medical marijuana… Recreational and medical marijuana or legal in the state and absolutely easy to find. There are dispensaries located all over the city and each one of them has different types of medical and recreational marijuana products, however you don’t need any type of special license or prescription to buy recreational marijuana supplies. I went to a dispensary with a neighbor and I decided to ask some questions while I was there. I told the bartender that I suffered from bad headaches that often left myself and others crying. The bartender commanded an Indica marijuana strain called papaya. The Indica marijuana strain was not absolutely valuable, and I saved 30% since I was a first-time patient. I tried the Indica marijuana strain the next time I had a headache and the results were out of this world, but marijuana is absolutely effective at removing the pain in my head when it is throbbing.

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