The marijuana joint burned a hole in the patio seat cushion

When I was 16 years old, my friend and I were hanging out at my house.

  • We were at the pool and it was the middle of the summer months.

It was really hot outside and my sister and I were entertaining some friends. My parents were both at work and they trusted us to make good decisions while they were away. My sister and I never really got into any trouble, which is why my parents didn’t mind if we had a bunch of friends over for swimming. One of my friends brought a new boyfriend and that guy had marijuana. He asked if he could smoke marijuana outside and I didn’t want to look like a jerk so I said yes. I asked the guy if he would smoke outside in the yard instead of close to the house. When I went into the house to grab a couple of beers, the guy came over to the porch area to get a lighter. The marijuana joint was still lit and an ember from the joint fell on the patio seat cushion and burned a hole in it. The ember from the marijuana joint went through the plastic and the foam padding really quickly. I had to pour beer on the cushion to put out the fire. My parents got upset when they saw the seat in the cushion. My sister and I acted like we didn’t know what they were talking about and neither one of us ever told them the truth about that day and how the cushion ended up with a hole.

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