The marijuana dispensary budtender confused me with terpenes and cannabinoids.

He told me their parent company had discontinued the sale of all high CBD products

Going to the medical marijuana dispensary has been a monthly trip for almost three years now. I knew most of the people there, except for the one or two that were new every month. They all knew I used high CBD products. When I first started using medical marijuana, the doctor expressed the necessity for me to have a marijuana product that was high CBD. When I walked in this month, there was only one person I knew, and he was extremely busy. I walked up to the one person who wasn’t busy and told her I put my order in online. She checked my card, and then told me my marijuana order wasn’t available. The products I wanted were no longer on their menu. She asked what I had ordered and I told her. She started talking about terpenes and cannabinoids and how they had other products with higher concentrations of these items. She had me so confused that I wasn’t really listening to her. I looked over and saw that Stephen was no longer busy and excused myself. Stephen was one of the pharmacists in the dispensary, and he gave me my first medical marijuana order. He told me their parent company had discontinued the sale of all high CBD products. He told me about two other medical marijuana dispensaries that carried high CBD products, but they were almost 100 miles away. I bought my pain cream and told him I would go home and start using my over-the-counter pain relievers again. Stephen was very apologetic, but it wasn’t changing the fact they no longer sold my marijuana products.

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