The marijuana container was a little short

I frequently go to the same marijuana dispensary near me. The place has a lot of great deals on sativas, hybrids, and indicas. They always have a lot of different marijuana strains like Jack herer, blue dream, OG kush, and Girl Scout cookies. They frequently carry new products and we get to try them as soon as they are on the market. I went to the marijuana dispensary near me and I picked up a couple of different eighths of dried marijuana flower. One of the eighths of flower was a favorite of mine called Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout cookies is a great hybrid that has a fruity smell and sweet flavor. I also picked up an eighth of marijuana flour that was a new strain called Blackberry kush. The Indica strain was in the same family as OG kush. When I got home later that afternoon, I decided to open up the Blackberry kush. The package stated that the marijuana had 33% thc. I was excited to see the buds. I opened up the package and I emptied out the contents on a small piece of paper on the desk. It didn’t look like there was 3.5 grams of marijuana in front of me. I decided to get a small scale out of my closet. I weighed the marijuana and it was only 2.8 g. The marijuana container was a little short. I took a picture of the marijuana flower and then I contacted the dispensary. The manager told me to bring back the package and she would happily exchange it for something
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