The last of the free stuff was all gone

When the month began, the marijuana dispensary near me had a clearance sale on lots of different products.

They were trying to get rid of old stock to make room for new.

They had a huge clearance sale and that included getting free stuff with your order. The clearance sale was going to last all month or until all of the free stuff was gone. When I went to the marijuana shop on the 7th of the month, they still had a ton of free stuff. I ended up getting a couple of packs of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. They were infused with thc-a diamonds and hash. I went back a couple of days later and they still had the packs of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. I got two more for free with my order. I went back a couple of days later when I was out of the free pre-rolls and they didn’t have any more left. They were completely out of free stuff. They still had items that were on clearance, but they didn’t have anything free to give away with the purchase. The only reason I went to the dispensary that day was to get more free stuff and when I found out that they were completely out, I made sure to pass the word on to my friends. It was honestly a good thing that the dispensary was out of products, because I had already spent more money on marijuana supplies than I should for the month. I usually keep my budget under $150, but the sales made me go crazy and I would have emptied my savings.

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