The last blue dream concentrate was all mine

Blue dream is one of my favorite cannabis strains.

  • Blue Dream is a sativa dominant marijuana strain.

It is made by mixing the two strains blueberry and Haze. Blue Dream can be found in ITC percentages. Last week I found an eighth of blue dream that was 33% thc. I don’t regularly smoke marijuana, because it makes me cough a lot. I prefer to vape. I often vape Blue Dream concentrate in the morning before I start my day. Blue dream concentrate tastes just like blueberries. It has been used to treat a variety of medical problems like chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Blue dream helps me with anxiety and depression. I have been using blue dream marijuana concentrate for a long time and it is my preferred number one strain. I went to the marijuana dispensary a couple of weeks ago and there was only one blue dream concentrate left on the shelf. The Blue Dream concentrate was from one of the top shelf brands. It was still on sale for half price because it was the last Blue Dream strain available. I only paid $30 for a product that would normally be $60. I took the Blue Dream concentrate back to my apartment along with a couple of other items from the selection of marijuana edibles. I dabbed some of the Blue Dream concentrate and it was absolutely flavorful and very tasty. I took two or three dabs and then I started my day of work. I can work for five or six hours after vaping blue dream.
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