The hotel desk clerk was not being very tolerable

My buddies and I flew across the nation so we could attend the super bowl.

  • I saved money throughout the whole pigskin season so I could attend the important game.

The Super Bowl was held on the other side of the country so my buddies and I had to take an aircraft. I was pretty bummed out about the plane ride, because it meant that we could not take any recreational or medical marijuana supplies along with us. Thankfully that game was being held in a state where recreational marijuana happens to be legal. There were signs all around for dispensaries, and even in the hotel where my buddies and I stayed, there was an advertisement from a local cannabis shop. My friends and I made the choice to order supplies from the Cannabis shop. My associate and I used the delivery option so we did not have to try to find the cannabis shop in town. When we placed our order, we got a telephone call from a lady at the marijuana shop. They went over the order with us and told us that two items had to be updated. The lady on the telephone provided us our total with taxes and fees. After that, she told us that it would take around 45 minutes for the delivery driver to arrive. The driver was supposed to come right to our hotel room, however the lady at the front desk was being completely unsatisfactory. She would not let the Cannabis delivery driver come up to the hotel room. She made me come down to the lobby and finish my actual business with the marijuana dispensary driver in front of a crowded hotel lobby. Happily, the bin did not have a name from the dispensary so we could still be perfectly discreet.


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