The gate guard treats us with blunt disrespect

My bestie plus I moved into a property plus I am convinced that the gate guard does not like us.

The guy is incredibly aged plus crabby.

He basically does not like gay people plus that is why he constantly gives my bestie plus I a nasty look when we pass through the gate. A few days ago I ordered pizza plus the guard made us walk all the way up to the gate to get it. He tried to tell us that he called several times, however neither of us had a missed call. I was planning to complain to the manager of the condos, despite the fact that I didn’t want to cause a big fuss. Now I am angry after my bestie plus I ordered recreational marijuana supplies last night plus the gate guard told the guy that we didn’t live in that community. It was the first time that we ordered recreational marijuana supplies from this actual cannabis shop because we had just moved to the city. We gave the driver the marijuana dispensary the name of my community plus we told the driver to call plus we would meet him at the gate. I suspected that the guard was going to supply the guy problems. I believe that the driver did not see the note on the delivery. The driver arrived with my recreational marijuana supplies plus the gate guard informed the delivery driver that we did not live there. Thankfully the driver called us soon after to verify the address. I gave the guard a truly dirty look. I am going to talk to the manager about his intolerable behavior.

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